Now is the time to put your best foot forward with a fresh bright motif.  The best homes are selling in record time, with multiple offers, for list price and higher.  Keep your look minimal with enough edge to leave them wanting more.  Be bold with cascading draperies and scale back on the family photos.  Distinguish yourself in the market.  One of the best things a Realtor can hear during a showing is the buyer placing their furnishings in your home.   Leave the door open for them to do it.  Over decorated dimly lit homes do not invite them to dream about long relaxing afternoons there.  Like in advertising some white space is a good thing.

Grill out more!  This is a great way to maintain “that new car smell” wile your home is on the market.  Play very soft music,  lower the AC, turn on ALL the lights, and open the blinds.  Let prospective buyers feel at home.  They will linger and imagine themselves living in open, cool spaces, with lots of natural light.  When they are inspired to place their art work on your walls they are forming a connection and can’t wait to begin their new lives there.

This video is an excellent example of a well done interior of a home for sale in the summer months.  Less is definitely more in this beautiful captivating space.

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