Being confident in the home that you’re considering investing in is a necessity. A home is not a small purchase, and it’s one that will contribute to your life for years to come, so certainty in the home you’re choosing is a must. While technology has provided new opportunities like virtual tours, there’s nothing better than confirming the house is the right fit by going to an open house. Get the most out of an open house by making sure to take in the following things.

The Layout

Photos and virtual tours offer a pretty great perspective of the house that you’re looking at, but nothing compares to the real deal. While you may have an idea of what the layout of the house looks like, it could be much different than you’d like. Get a grasp of the feel that the layout of the home gives off. Think about the practicality of your lifestyle and how you plan on designing. Layout may not seem like a big deal, but it will be one in the long run.


Space is accounted for in so many aspects. Are there enough bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and garages? Will you be able to comfortably make this house a home. Space is entirely up to you and your personal needs. Consider whether the home you’re looking at has too much space, or not enough. You may not realize what exactly you’re looking for in regards to space until you go to an open house.


It can’t be stressed enough that the neighborhood you choose to live in will affect your lifestyle. Get a feel for what the community looks like. Take note if there are any neighbors that you’ll be close to, what the land surrounding your home includes. Being aware of the location your home is in will help add a touch to the home that could make or break your decision.

When you work with Christine Banks, your thoughts and desires will be heard and we will find a home that suits them all. Contact our office today to set up an open house at one of our luxury homes for sale here in the beautiful neighborhood of Stone Oak.

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