The homes in Stone Oak community are truly one of a kind homes. From the views that differ from property to property to the unique touches that make each home the real estate that it is, the houses that we list and sell here in Stone Oaks truly stand out from other communities. While not every home will have the same touches, styles or extras, you can guarantee that the property you look at will take your breath away. Here are a few of the special touches that some of the properties we’ve listed in Stone Oak have.


Various homes in the Stone Oak community have luxurious and elegant pools. From infinity pools that seem to go on forever, to double pools with waterfalls flowing into them, each home that has a pool is sure to provide a unique shape, fixture and style, for your family to enjoy. What’s better than enjoying your private pool with the beautiful landscape in the background?


A few of the luxury homes in Stone Oak offer beautiful gondolas that compliment the design and style of the home itself. You can enjoy romantic dinners or even just tidbits of time reading, in the gondola. With every home built on land that provides a gorgeous landscape, there’s no direction that wouldn’t offer something a beautiful view.

Movie Theatre

If you’re a fan of movie nights, a home theatre is an extra perk. A few of the homes that we have listed have turned rooms into luxurious home theaters equipped with projectors, Lazy Boy seats and popcorn makers. Even if you find the perfect home and there isn’t a theatre, this is a great idea for that spare room you’ve been wondering what to do with.

Stone Oak is the neighborhood that provides you with a home that is entirely your own. No view, design or layout in this neighborhood is the same, giving you a house that easily becomes your home. Glance over the Stone Oak listings online, or contact Christine Banks for any questions that you may have.

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