There’s a special story behind the bracelet I’ve been wearing for a few of weeks.  It’s the story of Ricky and Lucy (I’ll call them that because they inspire happiness in everyone) and their move to the area.  In February, I received a contact request for information about a rental home.  I don’t usually work rentals (I specialize in listing and selling homes in the Stone Oak area) but something told me this was different.  A few weeks, and many property searches later, on a beautiful sunny morning, I picked up my new clients from their hotel.  I was hosting Lucy and Desi (one of their daughters – not her real name either) while Ricky stayed behind in the hotel to have his lunch with Desi’s husband.  They would be in town for just two days to secure a home for themselves.  They would rent for a year and get to know the area before buying a home.  Good planning, I thought to myself.

Little did I know I would fall head over heels for the whole family.  Lucy smiles non-stop and is an icon of optimism.  One of the daughters was traveling with them and the other was there in spirit (via text message).  We saw several homes on a whirlwind tour, made our selection over a power lunch, and set out to submit the application, all in the same day.  Oops!  We picked the one with “issues”.  By the time it was revealed they were hundreds of miles away on their way back home to pack.  Enter Grace: The roller coaster of news over the next few days would topple most.  Not Lucy, she had a good cry, took a few deep breaths, and determined herself to hold her peace in faith.

A short while later her prayers were answered and she got the house she was hoping for!  Ricky and Lucy moved in to their new home without incident.  Fast forward a few weeks and I’m having lunch with them again when she hands me a gift box.  It’s a Brighton bracelet with charms that say Faith, Gratitude, and Love.  Love, a very fitting sentiment, since the love between them was so evident.  I had not met Ricky before but it felt like I was sitting with my own family.  They are the very epitome of Grace.  You see, Ricky has Alzheimer’s disease and Lucy remains his doting bride.  What an inspiration.  I’m certain we will be lifelong friends.  That’s the real gift they gave me!


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