The Best Time Of The Year For You To Buy A New Home

The real estate market is competitive to say the least. With only one home of your dreams, it’s crucial that you find the right real estate agent, the perfect home and that you make the right offer at the right time. Seems like a lot of chance goes into purchasing a home, doesn’t it? With the right real estate agent you’re able to minimize some of these chances, and in a community like Stone Oak, you’re likely to find the perfect home in a great location; but how do you know when you should be looking to buy a home in the first place? Well, new research has come out that tells us that there is a time that you should be looking, and we’re going to share it with you!

There are plenty of people that will tell you the spring is the best time to buy a home, but new research shows differently. October has been deemed the best time to buy a home, if we’re getting real specific, October 8th is the single best day that you should be buying a home. The studies conducted in 2015 compiled information over the past 15 years to come to the conclusion that on October 8th, homes were at a 2.6 percent discount compared to their current market value.

These discounts are likely put in place because of how few people purchase homes this month, because the same studies showed that very few people took advantage of the price drop during this time.

The months that came in just behind October consisted of February, July, December and January. If you’re ready to get started on looking for a home that you can fall in love with, Christine Banks is the luxury real estate agent that you can count on. Call to schedule showings for any of the house listings that we currently have.

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