How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar


Timing……………….it takes approximately 45 – 60 days from listing to close in this particular market (north central San Antonio), so plan to have it listed between March and September, with June to August, being the peak season.  You will get the most money when the market is in full swing.

Availability…………put as few restrictions on showings as possible.  Buyers are very eager with the low inventory of homes for sale in Stone Oak.  If the home is market ready and priced properly, it will sell quickly, so prepare your family for a short time of inconvenience.  Make arrangements to be away from home most of the day and evening until you accept an offer.  The best Realtors in north central San Antonio will use tools like staging, shown in my video above, to get you multiple offers in a short amount of time.   Homes like this get several showings per day.

Curb Appeal……….most websites display a single primary thumbnail photo of your home so it has to be good.  Home buyers need to like the look enough to want to go inside.  Use landscaping and yard art to draw them in.  Brightly colored potted plants and flower beds are big winners.  Fertilize!  Lush, green, manicured lawns are irresistible.

Staging………………the reason home builders hire professional decorators to furnish their model homes is people actually pay more money for beautifully furnished homes.  The more inviting your home is, and the longer prospective buyers spend there, the more they want to buy it.  They are super indicators to experienced real estate agents.

Advertising……… want multiple offers in less than 30 days on market and seasoned Realtors know how to get them quickly.  Hyper local marketing is very powerful.  I’m an expert in Stone Oak and north central San Antonio.  I have been representing buyers and sellers here for more than 25 years.  Discerning home buyers know exactly what they want and that’s how they shop.  Effective target marketing includes professional video, photography and floor plans, then prominently featuring the images in the top real estate magazines and on number one rated websites, among other things.  Call or click for details.

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